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"Society of the Prince of Peace" is a interdenominational Christian faith fellowship, established in the year 1990 by the spirit filled pastors, evangelists and believers. It has started its headquarter at Tenali town and Guntur district of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Tenali town is situated towards east at the distance of 30 K.Ms. from the district headquarter. It is a small town with a population of 1,500,000 out of which 85% are Hindu, 12% Muslim and 3% Christian. The town has been religiously, politically and socially dominated by the Hindu agrarian communities, very recently they constructed, 60 feet high idol of lord Vinayak (God with elephant head) because idolatry is being the biggest form of worship in our country.


Litchfield Associates is a media company whose sole purpose is to make available the Alexander Scourby Bible narrations to the masses. We believe that technology is a gift that can help you access the Words of life found in the Bible. We hope that you will take advantage of this special from the Publisher offer and put this new technology to work for you and download the Words of Life onto your computer, flash drive, MP3 players or even your Ipod. The Bible will now be at your finger tips in various formats ready to be a source of continuing comfort and inspiration anytime and anywhere.

www.bible-books-maps.com Established in 1958, Carta is a privately held company that has been and still is Israel’s leading cartographic firm. Carta has been supplying maps and mapping services to government agencies and private firms, universities and scholars, commercial enterprises and institutions, and newspapers and magazines since its inception. 


Christian Mobile Directory


Odata cu aparitia si evolutia Internetului, au aparut modalitati de exprimare si comunicare candva nebanuite: site-ul si blogul. Apar din ce in ce mai multe initiative in ceea ce priveste prezenta in spatiul Web. Adventist Online isi propune sa fie un loc care sa adune contributiile multora la raspandirea Evangheliei.

Oamenii se intreaba ce poate fi acela un miracol. Ce se intampla daca intre banalitate si deceptie miracolul poate avea loc? Miracolul exista, se intampla langa noi poate prea aproape pentru ca sa-l bagam in seama. Pentru multi oameni acest miracol se numeste Radio Vocea Sperantei.

Go Bible was started in July 2003 by Jolon Faichney but has sinced grown into a large collaborative effort of people translating, maintaining, supporting, and coding.

The SWORD Project is the CrossWire Bible Society's free Bible software project. Its purpose is to create cross-platform open-source tools-- covered by the GNU General Public License -- that allow programmers and Bible societies to write new Bible software more quickly and easily.




Phoenix Mission este un grup interconfesional de misiune care reuneste periodic crestini de toate denominatiile din Arizona, cu scopul de-a crea punti de legatura intre toti romanii din statul Marelui Canion. Constienti fiind de faptul ca unitatea crestina contribuie substantial la unitatea conationalilor nostri de pretutindeni, ne propunem sa promovam aspectele fundamentale ale invataturii si eticii crestine.


TH!NKB!G MINISTRIES is a Ecumenical  Organisation, which looks at uniting ALL Christians, Globally. Through various Ministries,  Networking, Advertising and the un-conditional love of Christ.





Bible on the mobile phone



Link-uri crestine valoroase



Christian Classics Ethereal Library



Jurnal de studiu si rugaciune




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Special note for ANDROID SmartPhones
I recommend to download PhoneMe emulator for Android from here. Especially I recommend phoneME Advanced - Foundation Profile + MIDP High Resolution b168 rev20547 from here, or from here.

Then you have to build your application, to transfer the .jar and .jad files on your mobile phone and run using this nice emulator.

1. Install a Zip Utility from Android Market.

2. Install a File Manager from Android Market.

3. Download and install PhoneMe, as mentioned above.

4. Build your application by using Download Multilingual Service or Dynamic Download (zip).

5. Copy the zip file into your Android Phone and unzip the content in a folder, and then write down the path to the unzipped files and the name of the .jad file.

6. Launch PhoneMe from your smartphone.

7. Inside PhoneMe, write to the main window the path and the name to the .jad file, above mentioned. Will look something like: file:///mnt/sd/download/BiblePhone.jad and then press enter.

8. The application will be installed, and next a hyperlink will be available below the above mentioned textbox. On this way you can install as many of MIDP application you like on your Android Phone.

How to install the application in Java Mobile enabled phones

It is possible now to have the Holy Scriptures on your mobile phone and to read it wherever you are due to the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) technology in 1.0 and 2.0 versions, developed for Java applications.

A good advice is to try in the beginning the MIDP 1.0 / 128 Kbytes version, and progressively to advance to MIDP 2.0 and larger volumes (512 Kbytes or more).

The application is available for MIDP 2.0, MIDP 1.0. You have only to select one table on the field MIDP2.0 or MIDP1.0, according to the desired Bible version. Then, you shall make a click on the JAR (Java Archive) file in order to obtain the software to be installed on your mobile phone.

I recommend you to start with STARTER(MIDP1.0old) edition, then to continue with INTERMEDIATE(MIDP1.0), and in the end, if the mobile phone supports this thing, to try to install the ADVANCED (MIDP2.0) edition. Also, start with 128 kbytes volumes, continue with 512 kbytes, and at the end try the version in one file.

There are cases where the mobile phone requires so called JAD (Java Descriptor) files. These JAD files has to be uploaded, on this case, together with the desired JAR files(s).

There are different methods to download the applications in your mobile phone as follows:
1. Directly from Internet by using a WAP or GPRS connection
2. By using the infrared port of the mobile phone
3. By wireless Bluetooth access to the mobile phone
4. By cable link between PC ad mobile phone
5. If none from the above cases are valid

Next, we shall examine each case in order to have a successfully installation of the software.

1. Directly from Internet by using a WAP or GPRS connection

If your have Internet access on your mobile phone (e.g. WAP or GPRS), it is enough to access https://biblephone.intercer.net/wap/  from the browser of the mobile phone, and to access the desired Bible version, and then to make an option about MIDP1.0 or MIDP2.0, and finally to select the desired module (e.g. one or more). After the last selection, the desired version will be downloaded on your mobile phone.

Many phones have only this option for installing JAVA appplications.

2. By using the infrared port of the mobile phone

Sometimes there is a need for a special uploader software for specific mobile phones.

If you don't have access to Internet directly from your mobile phone, then you shall have to pass to this step requiring to have infrared ports on your mobile phone and on the computer.
a. On this case, you will download the application by using the computer from the Internet (i.e. JAR files).
b. Once the application is downloaded (preferable on the desktop) you will have to activate the infrared port on the mobile phone and align it with the infrared port of the computer (preferable laptop).

c. Then a window will appear asking what file you want to send to the mobile phone. Next, you will select the downloaded JAR file, and after OK, the mobile phone will ask you if you want to load that file. You say YES and the application will be downloaded on your mobile phone.
d. Probably, you will be asked by the mobile phone where you want to save it (e.g. on the games or applications directories). After you made this selection, the file will be ready to be loaded for run.
The displaying preference can be set inside the application in order to have larger fonts, full screen display etc.

3. By wireless Bluetooth access to the mobile phone

Sometimes there is a need for a special uploader software for specific mobile phones.
This situation is similar with the infrared case. You have only to activate Bluetooth access on your mobile phone (check if exists) and on the computer (check if exists).

4. By cable link between PC ad mobile phone
Sometimes there is a need for a special uploader software for specific mobile phones.
On this case the steps are as follows:

a. On this case, you will download the application by using the computer from the Internet (i.e. JAR files).
b. Once the application is downloaded (preferable on the desktop) you will have to set up the wired connection between the mobile phone and the computer. Next, you will start the synchronization / data transfer application and download the JAR file in your mobile phone. Surely, you will have to consult the CD of your mobile phone.
c. By this application you shall transfer into your mobile phone the JAR file in the games or applications directories. Next, you will have to select for run the JAR desired file.

5. If none from the above cases are valid
On this unhappy case, I recommend you to find a friend with a laptop having infrared / Bluetooth capabilities, or to buy a data link cable, or to change your current model of mobile phone.
Unfortunately, some models of mobile phones require only WAP/GPRS in order to download and run Java applications.

Sometimes there is a need for a special uploader software for specific mobile phones. Therefore check the documentation of them and also the page for specific models.

Why so many versions? Simple, because not all the mobile phones support the Bible in one file with MIDP 2.0 (the most advanced for the time being).

Multilingual Online Ebooks

It is possible now to have the inspirational ebooks on your browser and to read it allowing you to make comparisons between different translations or versions for a specific language. This occasion is unique, and you have only to browse to the desired author and book.

Select another version:

Source: Text from read this link, compiled by biblephone2008@gmail.com

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