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Guidance 8:2



I recommend to download PhoneMe emulator for Android from here. Especially I recommend phoneME Advanced - Foundation Profile + MIDP High Resolution b168 rev20547 from here, or from here.

Then you have to build your application, to transfer the .jar and .jad files on your mobile phone and run using this nice emulator.

1. Install a Zip Utility from Android Market.

2. Install a File Manager from Android Market.

3. Download and install PhoneMe, as mentioned above.

4. Build your application by using Download Multilingual Service or Dynamic Download (zip).

5. Copy the zip file into your Android Phone and unzip the content in a folder, and then write down the path to the unzipped files and the name of the .jad file.

6. Launch PhoneMe from your smartphone.

7. Inside PhoneMe, write to the main window the path and the name to the .jad file, above mentioned. Will look something like: file:///mnt/sd/download/BiblePhone.jad and then press enter.

8. The application will be installed, and next a hyperlink will be available below the above mentioned textbox. On this way you can install as many of MIDP application you like on your Android Phone.

Great success!