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Guidance 6:2


Sometimes there is the need to have JAD files together with the downloaded JAR files, depending by the mobile phone you use.

In order to obtain JAD files to be uploaded into the mobile phone together with the desired JAR file, downloaded from the Bible Modules section, I have developed a script named
JADMaker.vbs that you can use to obtain the needed JAD file from a Go Bible JAR file.

You have to follow the next steps:

1. Download the desired JAR files into a folder from your computer. It can be the desktop or wherever you want.

2. Download in the same folder the following two files:
JADMaker.vbs  and unzip.exe .

3. Than run
JADMaker.vbs  (double-click on it).

JADMaker.vbs  will produce JAD files associated with the JAR files from that folder.

5. Upload by InfraRed / Bluetooth / USB cable the JAR file(s) and the associated JAD file(s) into your mobile phone. The names are the same, only the extension JAD or JAR is different.

6. Run the Go Bible Application by using the JAD file.