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Guidance, 5

5:1 How to convert into THML format and develop with GoBible Creator


If you want to develop with GoBible Creator (documentation at http://gobible.jolon.org ) you will need to convert the archives from Bible Desktop section, or from E-books desktop, unzip them and you will obtain .txt databases. This databases has a format like:
0. Number of the book;
1. Number of the chapter;
2. Number of the verse;
3. The verse.

The comments inside the database are made by starting each line with # sign. On the same time, it is possible the verse to be in another column. This is why you have to open the .txt database with Wordpad and see where is the Verse in other to answer to the interogation while running txt2thml.vbs script from below. The fields are separated by TAB character.

Next, you have to download two files from below in a folder and run the .vbs one asking to the prompt displayed by it. The zip archive has to be unzipped in the same folder with txt2thml.vbs and unl.txt files.

Therefore pick and download
txt2thml.vbs and unl.txt