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Guidance, 18

18:1 How to install on Windows Mobile phones and PDAs (Pocket PC)


For PDAs it is important to put the Country Content Preferences generally on English to run BiblePhone application.

First of all you have to check if there is already installed JVM (Java Virtual Machine) on your Windows Mobile phone. If the answer is yer, then you have only to download the desired application (JAR file) on your phone from the Bible Modules section.

I have noticed that on smartphones the JVM is already installed and the procedure is similar to the setup described for an ordinary cell phone. After you install the JVM, you can download any kind of JAR file (BiblePhone application or similar) and play it on your cell phone.

If you don't have JVM, there is the need to install a JVM.

Previous to installing the JVM, you have to download in My Documents, for instance in the folder "midlets" the desired .jar and .jad from BiblePhone Modules, for instance en1Bible.jar and en1Bible.jad. If you have a .jar file and don't have the .jad file.

On this way you shall download the following file phoneme_windows2003.zip, other versions you can find at http://www2.cs.kuleuven.be/~davy/phoneme/public/downloads.htm where I recommend phoneME Feature - MIDP versions).

Next unzip the archive, and will result a directory named "phoneme" somewhere on your PC.

Then, by using Active Sync (check for updates at www.microsoft.com ), you shall move this folder to the Pocket PC in a directory (for instance in My Device, or in "My Device/ My Documents"). Also, you can copy in the Storage Device, and from there the application will run.

Next, you go to /phoneme/midp/bin/arm and run "installMiddlet", and go to the .jad desired file (for instance in My Documents/midlets/en1Bible.jad).

Once installed, you exit "installMiddlet" and go to "runMiddlet", from where you select the en1Bible application and run it.

I've noticed that there is a limit of 5 MBytes for installed applications. Therefore, keep you applications in /middlets folder, and install them wherever you want to use them. If you don't use an application, just remove it from "runMiddlet" and install it later, as to be within 5 Mbytes or similar.

Also, you can install and use the following Java Virtual Machine Diamond Project JBlendJava.cab, that I found it works in some Pocket PCs. You have only to copy it on your Pocket PC, run and install. Then, you shall install the applications you will copy on you Pocket PC.