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Guidance, 1

1:1 About our project

1:2 BiblePhone project consists in several parts, developed according to the feed-back received and with the facilities offered by the Internet and mobile phone technologies. The core of this project consists from Java applications organized as modules for each Bible published on the website.

The texts from this site are supposed to be in the public domain, if there are claims of copyright from the Bible Societies, please contact us at once to fix the issue. If in the beginning there was only the Romanian version, now the Holy Bible is available in more than 60 international languages and more than 120 versions, and the number continues to increase. Due to this fact, the above mentioned team had decided that Bible on mobile phone applications requires a distinct online platform developed under the name of Biblephone.

Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is now possible to have the Holy Scriptures on your mobile phone. Grace to Java technology, instead of playing games on your mobile phone, the Bible will be available for your 24 hours / 7 days wherever you are, whenever your want.

For many, surely, will be like a "sign of the end time" to have the opportunity to have the Scriptures so close to us. If our society has imposed us to carry all the time our mobile phones, I think that a great opportunity is opened to read the Word of the Lord by using them. On this way, the Bible will become like a person going with you on your daily travel and with you on the busy hours of turmoil and depression.

Below are the modules to be installed on your mobile phone. If you have problems, please go to HELP section.

Important notice: If after dowloading a JAR file, you obtain in your computer a ZIP file (i.e. .zip extension), it is because the browser that automatically changes it. Therefore, you shall have to change manually the .zip extension in .jar extension, prior to upload it in your mobile phone.