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Multilingual Online Bibles

It is possible now to have the Holy Scriptures on your browser and to read it by using parallel display that will allow you to make comparisons between different translations or versions for a specific language. This occasion is unique, and you have only to add new parallel versions from the left side "Add parallel language" selector.

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Text source: Copyright 2004 By Dr. Humberto G=mez Caballero, Iglesia Bautista Libertad de Matamoros Tam. MTxico, Liberty Baptist Church of Matamoros Tam. Mexico, P.O. Box 868, Brownsville, Tx 78522, Estados Unidos de AmTrica, E Mail humbertogoca@prodigy.net.mx, Ph. 956867-1281 Ph, en Mexico 011-52-8688-140352. Completly prohibited to print, or reproduce the text for the purpose of profit. The rights reserved are not for sale, and are only to protect us against any organization, or person that wants to take possession of the text. All Churches or organizations that want to print or reproduce it for free distribution have the clear liberty to do so without need to pay royalties, always and when they do not change any of the written words.

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