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Czech KMS Bible

Download the module

In order to install the Bible on your device, you have to pass the following steps:

1. Download the desired .zip file(e.g. King James Version).

2. Unzip the archive in a new folder.
3. Insider this folder you shall get a folder named King James Version. Take it and copy into your iPod / MP4 player, by using an USB cable.
4. The view will be done by using your iPod / MP4 player, the Bible being organized in chapters (there are 66 folders for 66 books) and chapters (each chapter being contained in a .txt file).
If your iPod / MP4 player doesn't display full words at the end of the lines and trunks them, you shall have to pass the following steps:
5. Count on the screen of your iPod / MP4 player, the number of characters displayed on a line and memorize it.
6. In that folder from your computere where you had unzipped the archive (see step no. 2) there is a program named adjust.bat that you shall have to run. At the prompt "Enter the number of the characters" you will introduce the number from step 5. Then, at the  prompt "Enter the name of the folder to modify" you shall enter the name of the folder where the Bible is located (in our case King James Version). You shall give an enter and all the Bible's files will be modified as to be displyaed with the number of characters per rows you had already mentioned.
6. Copy again by USB cable the folder named King James Version into your iPod / MP4 player and display it by using your iPod / MP4 player.

Former indications

In order to have the Bible on your Ipod (or MP4 player), you have to download the selected version from below (i.e. a zip archive), and then to unzip it on your computer.

After this, you shall have to copy the folder with the Bible text on your Ipod / MP4 Player, and read it by using e-book function. The organization of the Bible Ipod / MP4 is very simple, for each book having a folder, and for each chapter a file.

Because of the limitation in displaying the non-ASCII fonts (diacritics) on many Ipods / MP4 players, I uploaded only versions with ASCII fonts. Also, I provided a script named adjust.vbs (launched by adjust.bat), in order to adjust to prepare the text for displaying on the devices that not have the capability to display the lines without breaking the words.

First, you have to check if the text is displayed in good conditions on your device, only then run adjust.bat as to fit to your display (regarding the width). You shall count the number the characters on your display, and then enter that figure by running the adjust.bat script.


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Text source: This text is in the public domain, downloaded from http://www.unboundbible.org, compiled by biblephone2008@gmail.com.

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