How to install e-books on your computer

In order to view the e-books used on this project on your computer you will have to follow several steps:

1. Get an application to view the e-books

You have to install a software application to view Bible texts. I recommend UnboundBible application available at the following Internet addresses:

b) Unbound Bible Homepage.

In the first case, you shall have to download the zip file and unzip it on your computer. In the second case, you have to make the installation according to the indications from that site.

2. Get the desired e-books

Above are the databases (zip archives) to be used on your computer and the book names files associated to them. You will have to download the desired file, unzip and then use the database, for instance as mentioned below. Also, you shall have to download the book names file by making Save As with the right - click of your mouse, and use as indicated below.

3. Install the desired e-books in the software application

a. Move the database (i.e. the unzipped file from zip archive) in the folder named "Bibles" within the folder where the software was set-up.

b. Move the  book names file in the folder named "Titles" and then launch the application (i.e. Tools.exe under the UnboundBible folder from your desktop).

c. Select from the "Bible" menu the new installed e-book (it will have the same name as the unzipped archive obtained above).

d. Go to "Tools" menu, next on "Bible Options", check "National Titles", select  from "Language" the book names file (it will have the same name as the file), put the "Size" as you like, and make "OK".

e. Then you shall have the book names accordingly.